Sunday, May 25, 2008

kin guzre hue lamho ke sahare behte ho
aab tou waqt bhi apna mukhalif banta ja raha hai

kis ajnabiyat ke sath wabastgi ki umeed rakhte ho
lehjoon ki karwahat kia..log tou chehre badlte ja rahe hai

Friday, May 23, 2008


rang bikharte the aur aik ajab si narmahat thi...aik darkhat tha burgad ka jski ghaani chaaon mein kuch saaye bharte jate the..dhoop ki tapish jab sunhere rango ki aik dhanak banati thi..dil toota hai tou shayad kuch baki na rahe..shayad ke aab mein na rahun..shayad ke aab tum tum na raho..shayad ke ab woh pal sadiayan ban kr beetain..aur lamho ka qarz hum per lazim hou..shayad ke ab hisaab hou..insaaf hou

dil tha khilona
chalo toot gaya kia kahein

koi saathi tha

jisse chaha tha

wohi loot gaya kia kahein

titlyan yaado ki urti jaen

rango mein mujh se kuch kehti jaen-titlyan strings

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Koi ane wala hai

Dhadkan keh rahi hai

Yahan koi aanay wala hai

saawan keh raha hai

baadal koi chhaanay wala hai

mann mera … paagal … dhoondhe tujhe ghabra ke

mauje keh rahi hai

saahil koi aanay wala hai

koyal keh rahi hai

saathi koi gaane wala hai

ek naya aasmaan mil gaya hai hume tujhko paa ke


aaj mera jahan tum hi tum ho

aaj meri daastaan tum hi tum ho

tum yahan tum wahan jaane jana

jau main ab jahan tum hi tum ho

mil gaya raasta aisa phoolo bhara chalte chalte

dhadkan keh rahi hai

yahan koi aanay wala hai

saawan keh raha hai

baadal koi chhanay wala hai

mann mera paagal … dhoondhta hai tujhe ghabra ke


Strings-koi ane wala hai
love this song love the whole album love strings!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Its hard to win the battle with your own self
only if I could tear open myself and show you so how it feels being under my skin
how it feels to be a split being
If I make it hard for you it is even harder for myself
It is harder to be what you never imagined to be
sometimes you are'nt as strong as you look like
sometimes you are as frail as nobody could ever think
sometimes you win all the battles with the world but lose the one with your own being
yes I accept I am a loser
I have let my selfish enemy residing in

Saturday, May 17, 2008


MY diana died today leaving her three young kids to me
I am going to miss her alot...she loved me so much..:(

Monday, May 12, 2008

survival of the fittest

when you run so fast that you lost the sense of time and your own existence
stuck again...yes stuck again sometimes i feel like my life is some kind of old scratched up cd continues to get stuck again and again and it has got some virus my stupid theories
well i am quite caught up in studies and xams next week...Darwin's theory of natural selection lets see how "fit" i am :p
listening to 'for you-the calling" loving it!
these are the lyrics of seether-hang on God I am getting again random...

Well now I found myself
Wish I was someone else
My hands are stained with love
Wish I could take it away
I hid behind the shell
In time the pain will melt
My heart is stained with love
Wish I could fake it

I gave my life away
There’s nothing left to say
I gave my life away
You take it in your way

You take it in your way

My selfish enemy
Still has the best of me

Empty and feeling numb
Wish I could take it away
I can’t control the need
To weak to not concede
Wish I was deaf and dumb
Wish I could fake it

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The lights out,
I still hear the rain
These images that fill my head,
Now keep my fingers from making mistakes
-All Time Low

Sell me out I'm yesterday's old new,
phrases left on paper,
black ink bleeding through
the pages where we made our history
Call me foolish,
I feel helpless
-All Time Low

Lost Quotes!

And she stopped expecting.She stopped getting angry.Indeed anger is just disappointed hopes.

*got this as a forward msg*

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I had been a fallen leaf all my life flying here and there trying to fit in somewhere....but this was before i met you...with you i found my roots....with you i found my real colour...with you i found the place where i belong...i found myself...thanks :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

now this a babble and i really dont want lectures in answer to all this i wud appreciate that u dont comment if you have any advice cuz advices wise words are the last thing i want right now!
I am under great pressure and feeling too much and at the same time completely numb and indifferent to people around me that must be hurting for them but right now I am in a battle with my mind and various kinds of thoughts and a good old frnd a creation of my mind and surroundings has returned and somehow it feels good with him it feels safe and it helps my listless and infected soul to be at peace for a while I feel that this is where i have always belonged and have returned to where i had begun..huh..success...not at all..a complete failure but m kinda liking it cuz I am sick and tired of trying to be the perfect plastic girl no i am not that I am not an angel and fucking dont u dare use any good words for me cuz thats not going to be good in ur interest I guess i shouldnt even allow comments for this post cuz the way my chemicals are working nowadays it can be disastrous for many..well I got rejection letter from aku and just by 1% i dint made it but i know it had God's plan cuz even if i wud have been selectd i wudnt be allowed to go there but even for that got scolded for no reason at all..parents and their mentality
sometimes i just wish i cud build huge massive walls around me and just isolate myself from every living creature but that again not possible notice the missing of any use of punctuations this is what i want no rules no restrictions no realities no values right now to cut it short i simply want to fucking disappear