Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Person I am

picture by:KAY
p.s I apologize for my blog being so dead. Blame the Prof exams.I'll be back by end of October.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Time changes a lot of things in us. We learn to move ahead and adjust with everything around us and sometimes even start to like it for a change. Life gets busy you run with it to catch up and be numb by the speed of it.For a while the thought comes that maybe yes you are okay with this pace and you are finally being the part of the crowd but for some it isn't true there are constant fork in the road to remind you of what you really are and the chains of restrictions around.

Self-doubt is a killer thing it makes you push away sometimes the best opportunities and also take some wrong decisions.

Heart is meant to be made of stone and locked up until somebody tries to open it for you.

Frou Frou- Flicks
And I'm motioning still they stand inside me
And moments until the one i leave

People concertina to my private magic lantern move for me
With the senses all inclusive
In the theatre of triggered memories