Saturday, October 27, 2007

Many sleep in the rain, but I'm awake in the storm-Fort Minor

back into the memory lane you have a beautiful sanctuary there
It grabs me
makes me stay there
gives me comfort
its green

and its been a long while now...words are uttered..words are heard..words do the cutting..words same old words
The days spin..faces...feelings..tingling...
waiting patiently...
faith...I believe prayers are for our ownself for our own surity and comfort to cling onto something..He does what He wants..prayers are just a mere escape of our own

sometimes there are things we cant xplain

sometimes everthing happens for a reason doesnt have any obvious reason for your peace..humans are meant to feel sometimes things happen to hurt you..simply hurt you..
sometimes when you get what you dont want is for your own good..really isnt really want what you want..whether its good or bad..some losses are lovely arent they? so why cnt we have them..

sipping this dark tea
hating its bitterness..!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm strong on the surface
Not all the way through
I've never been perfect
But neither have you
linkin park-leave out all the rest

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

But today I'm not so strong

Some quotes from Lost Quotes:
fan of her writing...

It's not that I'm afraid anymore- I'm not. It's just that I'm skeptical. I'm skeptical that things are going to be normal again.

Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart.

But today I'm not so strong,
So lay me down with a sad song,
And when it stops then you know I've been,
Gone too long
But don't shake me awake,
Don't bend me or I will break,
Come find me somewhere between my dreams,
With the sun on my face
I will still feel it later on,
But for now I'd rather be asleep
-Norah Jones

It's funny how random things can trigger a person to tears. I guess you learn to watch for your own warnings- anything from a speeding car, to reminders of death. We all have our limits. There's always that one thing that makes you want to cry, and it's always that one thing that you can't avoid.

I will sleep another day
I don't really need to anyways
What's the point when my dreams are infected
with words you used to say
-The Spill Canvas

Sometimes in life you wish for everything, and then there comes a moment when you stop wishing. It's not cause you got what you wanted, but cause you finally accepted that not all wishes can come true.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


You're stabbing in permanent scars,

and you'll justify it all inside yourself.


You know I fucking want you to rot in the feeling of guilt

time will tell you what you people do and what fucking you should deserve in return!!

Be selfish

Be indifferent

Be angelic in your own made up world but I know what you REALLY are!!

I hope you go through all this what you make others feel!!

Allah ki kasam maza aajaye jab tum sab ko aese feel hou!!!

I pray for tat day!!

Yes me not being good or whatever but You all fucking RIGHTLY deserve it!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


The pleasure of praying for somebody else
Feeling the loyalty of prayer in your heart
The beautiful sense of responsibility
A security that your missing WILL create a difference
Do you know how it feels to be a healer?
sewing the wounds
trying to stitch them with thread of love
bringing together the broken pieces
wiping dust of carelessness and neglect
settled in years over those pure innocent parts you have forgotten
Its like God has given a job which holds the greatest honour
mending a heart
and you know the return of it?
while healing..your wounds get healed on their own
hehe I am quite stupid :P

I wont give up and I was never planning to give up!
I did hurry to reach to the ends
but how can I say what future holds
It might change
It will change
if it hurts
let it
cuz you are worth it
I dont want to regret anything..