Saturday, October 27, 2007

Many sleep in the rain, but I'm awake in the storm-Fort Minor

back into the memory lane you have a beautiful sanctuary there
It grabs me
makes me stay there
gives me comfort
its green

and its been a long while now...words are uttered..words are heard..words do the cutting..words same old words
The days spin..faces...feelings..tingling...
waiting patiently...
faith...I believe prayers are for our ownself for our own surity and comfort to cling onto something..He does what He wants..prayers are just a mere escape of our own

sometimes there are things we cant xplain

sometimes everthing happens for a reason doesnt have any obvious reason for your peace..humans are meant to feel sometimes things happen to hurt you..simply hurt you..
sometimes when you get what you dont want is for your own good..really isnt really want what you want..whether its good or bad..some losses are lovely arent they? so why cnt we have them..

sipping this dark tea
hating its bitterness..!


silent screams said...

tou na piyo:P

the post is interesting
and i can get the meaning behind all of it..i know some of it is related to my outburst..

pata nhi whats this thing with reasons..hotay tou hon gai right? :S
don't really know..maybe that just HIS art to keep it hidden from us to test our patience? :S
again me not sure..

miss u

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow... i relate to this in painful ways.
I love your writings!!!

Pri said...

they say tht "HE" has a masterplan...and no one knows about it but him...
kabhi kabhi kuch baatein sirf bhagwan pe chodni padti hain...:)

i know its tough and maybe as u say, it might seem as an escape route at times...but he dosent leave us with much choice does he?
tk care!