Thursday, March 1, 2007


By Aina:
I love the way you talk
and I love the way you walk
and the way you make sense all the time
and the way you make me smile
I love you and every little thing you do
you make my life worthwhile :)

By timsal:
with you I can go for miles
whatever you say it all makes sense
you always make me rite when I am down,baffled or just plain tensed
your wisdom makes me wonder
your words are just so tender
be it nethng
you are my life's mender :)

i must have done smthng awfully gud to please the higher AUTHORITEs...ur being here makes me complete....i love getting ur msgs as bonagy as they mite be...ill miss the most ur comforting word..and unflinching care u seem to provide...all teh time...i sometimes think ur an angel...and not human...jhoot if ur here to guide especially

sorry ilu i stole the picture:P :P

1 comment:

silent screams said...

tat is such a nice poem...who wrote it:P?....ANYWAY i rly mean it...and by "i love the way u walk" im refering to the way u follow me gng in zigzag direction!....and missy i dnt walk fast...u r jst too u :)