Sunday, February 18, 2007


these are the poems my bestest pals -my sisters wrote for me :D

three hair you got
cute sexy and hot:P
khoti,choori,gandi YOU R NOT
in your love,we are caught
and we are the one's who never

pretty stupid is this card
but with you,that's all i got :P
making all my days bright
you take away all my frights
together we will always be
the bestest of the bestest buds we are

see these colours thats wat dey do to my life, they always paint it so colourful :)


jugi said...

these poems are SO cute!!!!!:D
bestfrnds...wo bhi aisi...are surely a gift of God!:)

silent screams said...

yes they are
love u kid ....

timsal said...

Lolz........wah wah!
kya shayerii hai
and yess they are a gift from the ALMIGHTY!