Tuesday, April 3, 2007

this is how I feel......
picture speaks for itself
the thoughts are just too much to take
worries of future
helplessness of my present
darkness of my pasts
nothing is going away...its rising up its piling up inside me and I am just as helpless as I have ever been...
The headaches.....it feels my head will explode...literally!
ugh I suck at words too!!!


silent screams said...

i LOOVVVEEEEEEthe pik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it does tell a lot...and yea words are stupid as long as they r nt enuf to say wat u rly want to!

insanely-perfect said...

the picture is alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:D:D
and i have seriously started believing that words do suck! they dont even express half of wat we feel!