Friday, April 27, 2007

This is wat Aina has to say about farewell :) luuuvvv uuu grl!!!!!
21st April’ 07

The event that I had been waiting for ages…but as the date approached, I didn’t want to go…for many reasons…first of all coz it would be the official goodbye to a levels and second of all, coz I didn’t want to get ready and other reasons that won’t make any sense to you all so let’s just move on…:p
Okay so let’s take it from the beginning…I was supposed to do the thank you speech which aliza helped me get out of coz I didn’t have energy to make a stage appearance…and being a sweet heart that liz is, I didn’t have to do it and yea also coz timsal stepped up and took the job on his shoulders :)
And now the preparations…at first I thought A1 won’t “fare us well” but then I saw the function take it its toll on everyone and I saw my liz giving it to the fullest coz of us, I mean me, jugi and tim.
So a day before the farewell, ilu and I sat on the bed talking out the routine that we would follow :p alina had to come dress me up as everyone knows I have no fashion sense but what a bummer when she told me she had a test and she wouldn’t be able to make it and what was worse was that liz was supposed to be at skool early so I thought no-looking good on this function! The very first being my stupid hair style! The girl at the parlor cut me bangs!...bangs!!!!!...i hate bangs!!!...and I couldn’t even do anything about it coz my head was bowed down and when she was done she was like: “I have cut you bangs, they would look good on you” and I felt like shouting: “I told u…nothing ABOVE my ears!!!” but as everyone knows, I can’t be angry especially not at people like that. I mean she was all chirpy and talkative….so what was the point in shouting at her right? And as I was sitting there having a haircut, guess whose voices I hear??...the beaconities!!! that spoiled my mood, I don’t really know why but it did…
Anyway I came home, got dressed up…all by myself :) but when ilu came she pointed out everything I had done wrong…I was made to put on the liner again :p…and was told how to push back my hair without making my forehead look so big!...
And then everyone started coming but not one person came on time!...and I called up everyone else and as it turned out, everybody was planning to be tardy so we all took off…that is, jugi, zonia, khaji, marium and aqsa. Met ayesha and filza at the skool…
And now the farewell!!!
I loved the backdrop!!!...
Everyone looked good :)
Liz u were looking hot ;)
And jugi u exaggerate a lot, I’m never buying your words again!....anyway you looked pretty as always :)
Timi bhai, it was the best you have looked in all functions!
And now about the other people, aqsa’s dressing came as a shock to me, even though she kept asking me: “aina over tou nhi hai”…I kept lying :$
I know I have NO right to pass on comments like that especially being the way I’m but I wanna :p have to keep it as a record. And from the beaconities, I liked only hira’s saree…bicharay, all of them looked so uncomfortable! From A1, other than lizzie, I liked how Zainab Abbas looked…anyway a lot of hooting and comments were passed during the whole function…! A1 boys crossed the line by pointing out things related to looks and stuff…and all that sohaib and saad’s baistee, it was very stupid and most importantly, not at all funny! as I was informed later, a lot of phadays took place and in JH history it was the first time, a function went this late!...I left at eleven but I was informed that it went up till 11:30….so as it ended, I had a dizzy head…the same feeling took over that I get after every function…hated the way I looked…nobody comment on this please!...and well at the end of it all, I was numb…not coz I didn’t carry any feelings…I don’t really know why…anyway it ended…ended good…lizzie ap chah gai compering mein :) and tim again, speech alla thi….aur bas…I guess that’s all…I was bummed coz nobody came to my house after the farewell, as we had planned coz it was very “late” and we are “girls”…they are not supposed to be out that late…*making faces*
Then the best part, KFC!!! And drinking coke after more than 2 months!!! :D and now that I have had the taste, I have gone nuts over it…sorry guys, the coke-quitting has ended…I can’t take it anymore!


An ILLuS|On said...

lolz at coke quiting:P
you know what that's exactly what im trying to do in this summer but i don't think that i'd be able to do so:(
anyways im glad that you enjoyed your farewell..keep smiling & tc:)

TimSal said...

Hey......this is pretty nicely written.......meri post deekhi hai???:P
It just went on and on:P........
and thank u for the compliments;P...dont think i deserved them thou:P
aur.....bus ab kya likhun:P.....for more info and plenty of other comments::P:P.... refer to my blog:P
and AINA im missing ur comments:(