Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the darkness of this evening I saw those tears in your eyes.....
and we both knew how it felt...we are silent just silent ....
you know those times when nothing is left to be said when nothing is there to be changed when every hope every dream is eaten by the patience and the compromises and you are not bothered anymore....just silent.
I know the bitter realities of my life and I fucking know them very well...!
..........these trials of life they are not going to end very easily for me and I know my life much better than anyone else may try to give me hope tell me I have got a better future but where I live its not going to be THAT easy.....
I am thankful I am happy.....
listening to ali azmat's terian perchaian
dil ko yun apne jalate rahe
sapney bhi humko dikhate rahe
jiya na jaye tumhare bina
beqarar karne lagi hai
beqarari barhti hi jaye
sunta raha
kuch na kaha
jo dil mein tha
teraian mein teri parchaian....

Missing everybody... :(
Good luck everyone!

1 comment:

Timsal said...

Aliza............U KNOW HOW TO RITE!!!!!!!

I can really reflect from ur riting!....
and secondly I wish I had doz moments with u!

and thirdly
I love that song:D