Tuesday, September 18, 2007

stuck in a pinhole

looking back into all these years I see a life filled with intense emotions.It had been at its worse and it had given me tears of joy too

thanks to a million tears I have cried and thanks to a million heartaches
thanks to all those people coming and going in my life for using me and then throwing me away I can never forget the feel and emotion felt thru all this while and thanks because it has made me learn so much in life and so early
and ya I want to show my gratitude to you for snatching away the innocence of my past and making me face the realities too early and making me bitter till my core and giving me the gift of self-hatred I dont want to blame you for anything yet I wish you could just realise what a wreckage you have done maybe knowingly...
Yes God I love the strength You have given me and I want this to stay with me for my whole life and yes for all the good that happened to me from the one having a soul link with me
and yes thanks to all the obstacles which we have to go through
You led me to the flood lights and then threw me in a pinhole
yet I will have to compromise
thanks to everyone and everything tat has ever happened to me cuz at the end of the day I learned so much from everything...


thankyou everyone who wished me today :) It meant alot to me

*aina only if you had been here with me this post cud have been so happy...miss you*


silent screams said...

i dnt really know what to say..

i don't whether this is optimistic or not...
cant see it as one

all i know is, that almost evryone of has a person in our lives who does damage..knowingly or unknowingly but they do it..but whther we decide to be a victim out of it or a survivor, that depends solely on us...right?

i know i aint the right person saying all this..i struggle with my "issues" every day :P
anyway, all i want is for you to come out as a winner out of all this...and in way, even though u sound like u have got evrythng fruitful out of this, there is hurt behind ur words...

doesnt make me feel good at all..

i gues u kno wat i mean
love u alot

sadia said...

People will use you.

They'll exploit you, finish you, dry you up

and then do it all over again

and you will let them

because they're misleading.

I dont know whether thats growing up, but I feel its not just you, we're ALL becoming bitter... increasingly quick way before we even get chance to appreciate half of whats in this world..

and yes, then we end up throwing it away, or other people end up throwing it away for us.

take care.

An ILLuS|On said...

I don't what i should be saying in relevance with your post but people have more or less said whatever i wanted to..you had your share of bad experiences & now its about the time that you stand up & face em..instead of being used & abused its about the time that you stand up & fight instead of giving up..the battle might be lost or you might have lost one battle but the war's going on & fortunes favor the brave..keep on giving the fight as long as you can & cherish every small bit of happiness that comes your way..cheers yara(Y)
take care & Happy Birthday to you yet again:)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

if not today, then some day you will like your self for having pass through the experiences and being a strong person that you are. I can so relate to your post and when i look back at my past, i feel good that i had passed thru the difficult which made me a more rational person... someone who can make better choices and feel good about herself :)

An ILLuS|On said...

You're being tagged:$
Check out my blog for more details!

Ashu said...

Awwww girl, thats so touchy. You deserve a tight hug.Come let me hug you to relieve you of your pain for few moments.

Words dont heal up the pain, but they comfort you a while, attempting to do just that.