Wednesday, November 7, 2007


FMORT-Five minutes of random thoughts
Raaji you did a great job in filling this tag my turn now

well I am filling up this tag and seems the hardest job to me, maybe I am just afraid of my words...very much indeed I always think after speaking and then face its music
aur kia my head aches and my arm too..what am I thinking right now?? I need to find some answers..I need to find my faith back and that desire and hope in praying..I am drifting away from dont know what to dont know where..I desperately need my faith back to cling onto it and fool myself again n again..and i am feeling somhow lil guilty to be indifferent..I feel I am turning a bit selfish I know you will justify me as you always do but whatsoever it is I have always believed that treat people like you want yourself to be that I am not a sugar-pie anymore so its a lil weird for i m thinking whether its appropriate to write it here or not..well just forget it be random because we are all afraid of our own secrets
we all are afraid of them
we all are afraid of being judged..once you open your secret it doesnt belong to you it becomes a public property
I m too possessive and obssessive somhow maybe its not good to have these traits life becomes a little difficult
and aur kia I have wet hair water dripping here and there and uff itni disturbances hain around me :@ its making me angry
v v angry I just better shut up!!
now peeno showing me some socks that whether they are to be washed or not..I shud have chosen some better time to write it
I tag Aina illusions sadia


silent screams said...

pretty random han..

so kido about faith, you will get it back coz u r not one of those:P
its just a momentarily lapse
i know you, so im sure about that

and what else, yea disturbances!
as if the thoughts in our head are not enough:P

and yes, i will justify it coz that's what people deserve and tell me yara what are YOU doing? hain?
you are just protecting urself from being hurt, and to me that's justified! coz it's not like u r DOING sth to someone are you? and this change of thoughts towards other people is for urself and u need it. listen thoughts don't do any damage haina? tou phir? if u r doing sth to make it easier for u, i don't see what's wrong in it..
kisi ka murder karna, phir meray paas ana :P

and i will fill it after xams!!

zazafeefi said...

you know im losing my faith too - i cant be bothered with anything..i choose not to believe in anything anymore. i dont feel like seeing things through right til the end.
lifes like that

i like the 'sugar-pie' part..

Tehreem said...

you know, this whole thing about losing ur faith, it is part of being human...sometimes inspiration goes away, but thats only temporarily...and at one time it always does come only have to be there to recongnize it. As long as u keep urself open, it'll come back to you :)

and as for being selfish, all of us deserve sometime on our own...all of us give in to our whims at times...its human too...and its alright :)

btw, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I only started on blogger a few months ago so I dont usually have many ppl visiting :)

Lunatic.... said...

@silent screams
yes faith will come bak
and when you r here how can i feel guilty?:)

maybe you r gng thru the same lapse

you are very right here :)
InshAllah I will get bak my faith :)
thnx for commenting:)

An ILLuS|On said...

My FMORT post coming up very soon!