Friday, February 8, 2008

tum ne dekhe hai jahmor ke qafle

this is the part of a nazm of ahmed faraz for pakistani armed forces,my father made me read..kinda really suits the condition of our country right now

tum ne dekhe hai jahmor ke qafle
unn ke hatho mein parcham bagawat ke hai
pairo per jami paprian khoon ki hai
keh rahi hai ye manzar qayamat ke hai
kal tumhare leye pyar seeno mein tha
aab jo sholay uthe hai woh nafrat ke hai
aaj shayar pe bhi qarz mati ka hai
aab qalm mein lahu hai seyhi nahi
khoon utra tumhra tou sabit hua
pesha-war qatilou tum sepahi nahi
aab sabhi be-zamero ke sar chaeye
aab faqt masla taj-shahi nahi


silent screams said...

wt does jahmor mean??? :s

Anonymous said...

I think your father deserves our thanks for offering us an all time master piece.

In a recent interview to BBC Urdu, Ahmad Faraz was asked about this poem, he reflected some thoughts of that time but couldn't recall the poem fully. Is this the complete version or just a part?

Could your dad do us some more favours by immortalizing such master pieces for the new generation?

Lunatic.... said...

@ anonymous
this a part of the poem
the whole poem is quite long and as good as this peice:)
I am not quite sure if he has got some other material but I am sure going to ask him! :)