Thursday, March 20, 2008

unheard thoughts
futile attempts
cravings burning the inside
nurturing a beast in my soul
desperate to have any control
thin red razor edge line


silent screams said...

i thought u said u wrnt gona post..
anyway, i dnt kno wat to say..
too numb
it wil gt okay inshAllah

) (ate said...

Very intense.
Ur riting like ainu :)
not that im too happy about it....
but its just that iv always loved that riting style of hers
I want u to keep at it yaar...
keep control and foucs...
times can be tuff...
but ur not a quitter thats wat i know!
Ur one of the strongest people I know....
so be cool and INSHALLAH all will get better.

I wud of said something more specific agar apki post thorri see aur SPECIFIC HOTI! :P

Lunatic.... said...

@ hate
lol not being very specific this is the price you pay for being popular :P