Sunday, March 23, 2008

mat kearney-where we gona go from here
I've waited and I'll wait some more
Won't see me knocking on another door
But all this is crazy and amazing
There's only one half of us that I'm saving
So I'm praying just to let it go
Watch from a distance just to see you glow
Seven hundred places seven hundred faces more


silent screams said...

yea i can see y u can relate to that song..
makes sense!
sometimes, we have to do things, that are not in our interest but of someone who we love so much..i guess tats wat u mean..
karna parta hai..nothing happens like we want it too..and most of all, expect the most unpredictable has its twists and turns!
but hey u got me here, all the time! :)
love u!

) (ate said...

I like the lyrics and all
but dont know wat ur referring to here...
hope everythings okay with ya!