Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And she stopped expecting.She stopped getting angry.Indeed anger is just disappointed hopes.

*got this as a forward msg*


silent screams said...

khoti u changed some words! u dont do that to people's sayings!!! and write the name of the person who said it! it just feels like a "tauheen" na :P

khyr coming to the quote, i strongly believe in it!!! maybe that's why i dont get angry coz i run away from the reailty all the time..and really i have no expectations whatsoever..

so u can try that too :)
but only for stuff that makes u angry..as in not for the good stuff, like a great future wagaira..
i know u get what i mean :P

aur han love u bhoun! jou karo, me with you! u already know that, but i like to repeat it again and again! to make u believe it :P

) (ate said...

Thats something to help one look at life in a better perspective!
and the cool part is how random those messages can be, and just SHOW up...regardless of the fact how one is feelindg...not knowing how much we need those words!