Sunday, June 22, 2008


lesson of the week:Never ever plan to do A-levels if you want to do medical in pakistan!!

these Fsc books they make me want to puke
they make me so hell angry
all crap!!

if I die call me -raah-e-ilm mein shaheed hogai!


silent screams said...

itnay alla marks tou lai rhi ho!
but i agree its really really tough

*prayers* and *hugs*

SAWJ said...

You're doing FSC or A-Levels? And you're going into Medical?

) (ate said...

LOL my pooor lizzi!!!!
yaar wen i asked u how u liked the fsc buks u said it was HALVA! :P
i felt so embarassed that i dint ask again! AB asliyat samnay ai! :p
waisay bacha my deepest sympathies! FSC KUTTTI HAI :P
ur gonna learn to say that ALOT!
aur yaar i kno this doesnt help at all! par part two ITNAAAAAAAAAAA GANDA HAI k koi hadd nahi! KEM tou sar se guzray gee HOTI HEE NAHI HAI....fiziks phir hojati but that too is tuffer in second year! bio k animal and plant kingdom tou mar k bhi nahi hotay thay meray se! gud luck to u....tats all i can say!

Asma said...

I thought you are already in medical :P

Neem hakeem ... :P

iriz said...

i don't really get but at least now i know there's such a rule ;0)

nice page ;0)

Lunatic.... said...

I have done A-level and now have to do fsc book for my mcat to get into a medical college :)
lol haan neem hakeem hun abhi:P
lol waqai bohat kutti hai!!!
lol its all khap for the entry test MCAT

anas said...

All the hard-work during A-levels goes to waste when preparing for these CATs medical or engineering. I heard its worse in medicine, and you've just ratified that. Good luck though! I haven't come across a shaheed in raah-e-ilm even in this age when the fashion of adding shaheed at the end of the name is quite poplar :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

well actually very right... i have heard from a lot of people who have done A levels and then they come to the punjab board and it sucks...
Sigh... but i am sure like all others, you'll live :-)