Thursday, July 24, 2008


*sketching phase*


Anonymous said...

and this one's the best i have seen so far from you..bravo lizzie(Y)

Asma said...

Bravo ~~

Should I send you my pic :P

Absar said...

WHOA! Awesome sketch! Thumbs up!

Though I wonder if we ever really DO take off the mask? :)

Lunatic.... said...

I know worked real hard on it..:)

@ asma
lol I would love to but in september after my stupid freaking Mcat test :@:p

thanks :)

and I guess we never have the courage to take it off

Anonymous said...

and i guess it paid off..its an awesome sketch..i just feel like saying it over & over again:)

Mubi said...

o wow you sketched this? amazing!

Lunatic.... said...


yes ..thanks:)

silent screams said...

ALLA sketch!!!! we have to make ur skecth wall after ur "stupid mcat:@:P"

Asma said...

I'm sending you my pic :D

i love the mask you've sketched ... uff i'm so again in love with this :)

Lunatic.... said...

lol sure yara I would love to make it butmy stupid freaking mcat! :@
thnx btw :)

Anonymous said...

outstanding sketch

u're very talented. MashAllah!