Saturday, July 5, 2008

stand up

Relations are sometimes like a heavy fragile burden
We need to place them on a side and just sit,watch and let them grow naturally
But most of the time we are just too desperate to carry the burden that we stumble and relations fall...they simply break and fall apart..

Life is so messy
the problems stay always
We just keep on trying different ways to cope up with this thing called life.


UTP said...

I cannot believe how simply you wrote such a difficult aspect of life...

We do keep trying different things to make it work...when it supposed to work anyway...

great post..!!

SAWJ said...

Life without problems would be extremely boring, don't you think?

wa.hardrocker said...

did you wrote that yourself?

the first para is spot-on!

but i don't really agree with the second part...
it's that we go on creating newer and more problems for ourselves!

and we being Muslims have been given the solution of this whole endless puzzle but we refuse to follow it!
easy to say it but really very difficult to follow it!

that's where i think all of us lack in this game of life!

else, you defined everything beautifully!

Lunatic.... said...


that's also true but sometimes the "runing in circle" gets really nerve wrecking

yup I did
and I agree with you
it was just out of frustration

wa.hardrocker said...

haha.. sucha beautiful piece of work outta frustation!

i must say.. u should get frustated more often :D