Sunday, August 10, 2008

I got straight As :D:D:D:D
bio 95%
phy 95%
chem 95%


record all clear all straight As :D:D


silent screams said...

Hahahaha tats sch a funny dance! Lol

N yes my cheeti!! U deserve it all kido! Trust me. Enjoy evry bit. InsHAllah joys lyk ths wil keep knockng ur door!

Congratulation hugs
Im da happiest sis of ths world :-D :-D

iluuu!!!!! said...

*pappu cant dance wala dance'

Absar said...

Ooooooh AWESOME!! Congrats!! :D
Can I take a little bit of the credit for the prayer? :P Just kidding, hard work pays off!

Don't get complacent, but enjoy your time! :D

SAWJ said...

Congrats!!! Treat mein Multan ke mangoes bhej do! :P

Uh, waisay...just don't tell my mother, okay?

PR said...

I got one B

9 As


Asma said...

Array waaah .. congratossss :D

Love the dance .. can I join =P

An ILLuS|On said...

wowie..thats fantastic lizzie!
boht boht mubarkaan yara..alf alf mabrook ya habibi:D
and you were scared coz of your result..daikho Masha'Allah se kitna fit result aa'ya hai tumhara..i am so happy to hear about your result..ab treat due hai & like SAWJ said try sending some of those absolutely delicious mangoes to me:S
yayyyy another partyyyy..lets partyyy *turns the volume high*

zaza said...

youre the boss! congrats!!

Dinky Mind said...

Awesome!!! :D Your prayers were answered, mine were never :(

exquisite said...

we may have geek in da house :D

hfm said...