Thursday, September 18, 2008

happy birthday to me :P
my best birthday ever!! :D


Absar said...

Happy birthday to you!

There... doesn't it sound better coming from someone else? :P

Anas Imtiaz said...

Happy Birthday! sure sounds better as suggested by Absar :D

A. Joe said...

Happy birthday lady. And I hope the MCAT went well. :)

Pavel Ali Qaisar said...

Happy Birthday!
It's cool that we're both virgos. my birthday was yesterday...
Anyway, you haven't been commenting much on my blog for quite some time now...not that I've written much, but it's nice to have someone reading your work and liking it. :)
Take Care

PS. From what I gather, you're going to medical school? which one?

AamirRaz said...

Happy Belated to you, dear... May u be toooo old! :)

Lunatic.... said...

@ absar
anas imtiaz
aamir raz
thanks :)

@ pavel I kept checking for a while but then you dint posted so i lost the track but I am gona visit regularly now and ya same star happy birthday to u too :) I am going to nishtar or bhawalpur

Asma said...

Yay .. Happy belated birthday hon :)

May all of them be happier than before :>

Mubi said...

oooo m a bit late..
but its better late than never
so here i am to take my share of the cake!! where is the cake? :( :/
oi and the wish

hope you had fun.
lotsa prayers and wishes.

good day!