Monday, September 29, 2008

it looks that easy but it really isnt it nearly broke my neck :P


d gypsy! said...

u made it?

MY GAWD...m seriusly impressed...makes me wana go back to pencils again but as soon as i finish here i gotta complt sm notes... :(

ڈفر said...

photoshop ar hand art?
canyou sketch from photograph?
please do it for me, usign my avatar :)
nice post

Lunatic.... said...

@ dgypsy
yup i made it hehe thanks

@duffer ( feeling wierd to call you dat :S)
hand art
and hehehe how much you going to pay me?:P lol yar I am not a professional dint even learn sketching ever aese hi do it as a hobby

Marina said...

Love love love it!

Marina said...

Oh. I just saw the larger version. The detail is BEAUTIFUL. MashAllah, you have so much talent.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's amazing!