Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Rules are:
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~ Link to the Blogger who tagged you.
~ In your blog, post The Rules and...
~ Six quirky but unspectacular factoids about yourself
~ Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
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My own rule~ Let me know you've done this tagged post too!

I am being tagged by hfm

1st.I have this strong urges while I am at some very formal place like in front of principal or any senior personality to shout and do something totally rebellious like jumping asking them a very stupid question or just running away real fast while we are in the middle of conversation. :$

2nd.Again an urge--while we are traveling in car I have this desire to open the door of running car and jump out of it :P

3rd.Before going to sleep all night I shake my left leg real hard it kinda helps me in my thought process.

4th.Even though I have never studied computer not even at my school( ya it was a bad low standard school) I can understand this htmls and computer progamming much better than many people.

5th.When I start sketching I have to complete that sketch on the spot.If I leave it I can never complete it NEVER!! even if try at some other day I can't even hold the pencil right for doing so.

6th.I CAN'T sing or dance in front of any person not that I have a "torture to ears" kind of voice but singing and dancing is just TOO embarrassing for me.

I tag Timsal,Aina,illusions,BoogieMonsterman,Sawj and Noor Ali


exquisite said...

me can't sing and dance too in front of people :S

those urges of urz better be just that ... could prove dangerous ohterwise:P

hfm said...

You have sucha rebellious streak in you!
Stay safe.

P.S I need help with changing my blogger template
*baby face*

Anonymous said...

i once threw myself out of the car,it was SO much fun i never tried it again =P

SAWJ said...

Sixth one for me too!

And I'll complete the tag as soon as I can.

Saad Ibrahim said...

I can't sing and dance in front of others tooo. i sometimes feel its something really cheap

SAWJ said...

I've done it...phew!

Mubi said...

number 2 urge is too dangerous :p

btw lunatic i tagged you a couple of days ago ;) (thats only if u want to do it..)

Poisoned Apple said...

I shake my leg real hard =D
And I have those urges too =D
And and..I'm too embarassed to sign or dance in front of people =D

Lunatic.... said...

hahaha I know my urges are very dangerous and I dint know so many people would share the sixth one with me. I thought I was the only odd one :P

siras said...


I so relate to the sixth one!!!

silent screams said...

i knew al of em :D
EXCEPT for the 6th one. u have danced in front of me and u have ung toooo!!! jhuutttiii :P