Friday, December 12, 2008


-cary brothers-the glass parade

Just a voice inside your head

Whispering all the hope is dead

All the time you had to prove

That no one really loves you

I found you in a reflection

You didn't want me to see

I will give you all i have

Just look up, break down and believe

This is a glass parade

A fragile state

And i am not trying to break

And the stars are shining

The moon is right

And i would kill to be with you tonight

Wish you told me all the truth

So afraid to face an absolute

All the fights you had to lose

All the fear was put upon you

I found you when you were broken

Too many cracks of deceit

I will give you all i have

Just look up, break down and believe

This is the feeling, falling

So much i want to say

Show me the same emotion

Show me what's at stake

How much can you take

When you realise your fate?

Hold me now as the car lights fade

And we are dancing in the glass parade

It's just a voice inside your head

your smile is so pure just by looking at it my soul gets washed and renewed... :) I wonder what I would have been without..maybe a hollow being without any make life run through my being :) it's you who makes me alive...


Napalm said...

Who's the lucky guy?

And really a great song. Heard it for the first time now.

Lunatic.... said...

@ naplam not a guy haha!

Ghazala Khan said...

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hfm said...

Stay smiling.

seher's shenanigans said...

this sure does sound like a commentary or sub titles for my 'ode to mr. right'.. brilliant!
even if it isnt for a mr!

Afaque said...

Nice and easy...
but very intense :)
Whoever he/she is must be very lucky...

Mera naam chun chun said...

Ai kera gana hai? Oi. Dental starts fifteenth =(

Daanish said...

"This is a glass parade

A fragile state

And i am not trying to break"

ma ma me ya !

exquisite said...

so it's not a guy ... :)

then ? :)

powerful stuff though !

) (ate said...

Its for her bestfriend guys!
and this is adorable yar!
may u always be together as best friends! :)

siras said...

Sweet song!

Cute pic!

Asma said...

Wow .. girl you are going deep day by day :)

siras said...
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silent screams said...


Tazeen said...

love the picture, seriously