Thursday, January 29, 2009

listen m postng 4rm cel so dnt mind the plain weirdnes of ths post! I wantd to cal bt my phone dsnt let me:p töns and töns of prayers! N best wishes 4 u!! M gr8 bro love u alot!!!! Muah muah wish i was there with to celebrate with you.. Hugs!!


Anonymous said...

liz this is soo sweet
do u think i care if its fancy or watevr???
its the thought that counts and u thought of me obviously!
but yes thank u soo much! i love this post altho i must say i love ur posts with a plural since u posted twice! :D
but hey i guess all the better!
love u loads kiddo! i hope u stay well and happy....remember meri khushi is in ur khushi!....
and even though that sounds soo cliched rite now its the truth! so chin up! :)
and meci beacuoop!

silent screams said...

hehe its a cute post! and timsal is rite, its the thought that matters not the amount of words or colors :P
khyr happy birthday tim once again!!

Lunatic.... said...

yay m so happy nw:D love u timsal love u 2 aina:p