Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lonely night
Piano on the back
Tunes flowing in the air
When the spring fills the air
Colours come to life
The life shines through my eyes
The breaths get easier
Beats take the pace
Clocks point to the rite
Come bk and sing with me
Taste the sun with me
Bring the love back
And walk thru the falling faces
Beyond the lies
Away from deceit
You and me away from the reality
Always together..


hfm said...

You okay Mz Lunatic?
I hope so.

) (ate said...

I havent felt so overwhelmed after reading something in a very long time!!

but yara i hope u are okay!
please take care!

the pink orchid said...

exactly even i hope you are fine..
beautiful lines there, though.. :)

Ubeee said...

ok i could relate it from the start till the end ... beautiful :( .... hm ... :( !!

seher's shenanigans said...

hmmm... lost in the dark or lost in self?

siras said...

Hmm.. it's sad and beautiful at the same time.

Ash said...

Hope you are doing well and strong(emotionally)

Mubi said...

why away from the reality?

silent screams said...


Sapna Anu B.George said...

You and me away from the reality
Always together......

i knew from your sketches that you are poetic and how right i was.....great to meet you and greet you here.

exquisite said...

hope u r ok

Lunatic.... said...

I am ok people just got emotional and wrote it :) thanks for commenting :) and liking it!

A.y.l.a said...

i love it.. it's beautiful.. =]