Monday, February 16, 2009


I am so much busy nowadays it aint even funny! just had my biochem internal assessment now have a s.stage and then STAGE with viva and 60 marks spotting! then biochem presentation physio grand test and 100 marks viva then soon I am going to get the histology presentation! I feel like I will lose my mind in the near future! College sucks as always! I miss home and I miss being me I just feel totally weird and cranky most of the time! my roommate is so dirty and lazy I have to do all the work too! I hate the guys of my class they are so cheap and chichore!! I hate anatomy department so much I want to blow it off! I am on the hitlist of my class nerds cuz I got highest marx without studying as much as they do people hate me and are very jealous! the people are so mean uper se kuch ander se kuch I hate them too :P I just love my cats and aina and tim! God I am so random....later!


siras said...

Go you! Show all the nerds! =D

silent screams said...

lol i kno i shudnt laugh but this is such a cute post! i like wen u make such posts. u sound so adorable!! :D
and dekho tou u managing so well, getting the highest marks and all. so ur mind wont blow up. i kno u will be a winner thru all this! i kno its rly tough! it sounds so freaking tough infact but u r managing and thats great. so u r gng to be just fine. inshAllah

¤Ü•B¤ said...

lolz !! u rock ;) !!

) (ate said...

this is really nice liz!
i would love if u made more posts like this... the point....random....but very clear!
i get everything and HOLY HELL that is alot of work to do! but i know my girl...ul survive! that is medical yarr....kuch nahi kiya jasakta iska! but anyways tou if u ever plan to blow up that department count me in...!
and liz u are meant to make people jealous! isnt it sort of obvious?
ur beautiful....extremely smart...and the best person to hang out with....u make people jealous without even trying! :p

to top it all off ur my sis tou obviously! :D

An ILLuS|On said...

hehe..keep it up yo!
atleast by getting good marks you're realizing how many of your so called frainds are honest with you..situations like these are litmus tests in which many people fail..keep it up & f**k those f**kers *hugs*