Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is tormenting like hell to harbor hate and love at the same time for a person in your heart.

Why do You like to place me at the breaking point,at the borderline always?
To tell You the truth
seriously I am losing my sanity and my soul at the cost of it so please stop this rollercoaster life for me!


Ubaid said...

=( !!

siras said...


-T said...

I want so much to "open your eyes."

Senilius said...

Ignorance is the key to happiness in this case.

~ said...

why hate when there's an option of love? check the premises of your internal argument.

alternatively, have a glass of milk shake, go out with friends, and listen to a lot of good music. ignore the world where hatred is the only option they seem to give impression of.