Sunday, May 3, 2009

mind riddles

Honey trickling down with the golden light shining through its sliding layers.
Thick and viscous.

Orange brown like the sun shining through light brown eyes.

A glimpse of the mist inside the maze.
Tiny little smoke particles making random flickering shiny dots.
Sharp-edged sometime cause paper-cuts with deep reds oozing out.

The war which are lost and won.
Sorrows not sad enough.

Wrapped inside the heart-shaped boxes of remorse.
Shimmering patterns of lies on the covers.

Brown husky moths on the inside trapped.
Velvet purples of the evening pains flowing through silver pipes diamond-studded.

A white canvas with invisible colors.
Mind riddles.


silent screams said...

"Brown husky moths on the inside trapped."
i think this line pretty much sums up what u wrote..its all very vague though..but i guess that is what shows the confusion in ur mind

AD said...

how come you have been so blurry lately?

The Pink Orchid said...

wow! beautiful!

-T said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! its beautiful!!!
very indirect very deep.
thats my kinda writing. but i wish u dint have a reason to write like this.
take care! and remember we love u :)

Senilius said...

Remember Shonu and Beebal and...and...err, what were they called again?

d gypsy! said...

i liked the images u have produced here

but on the same time, i find a connection and not too...