Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We all live our lives for others..for people who matter..for whom we exist..
No matter how hard it gets..how deep you fall in..and hit hard on the ground..there is a time for rising up..
No matter how much ignoring we do..there is a part of us who always knew the truth and makes us get up again..makes you want to survive for the people you love..part of you totally aware of all the loss and how much redemption to be done..

Its been too long now..I have scared you enough..hurt you enough..the time is coming for me to rise up and protect you now!..I will..<3


Kadri Luik said...

Deep words worth reflecting over.

Have a nice summer!

hfm said...

I agree, we always strive to protect those we love, even if sometimes is in spite of oour own happiness.

Ali Kahtoon said...

Totally agree with you..so true !

Ubaid said...

ok this is something positive :)

silent screams said...

awww :)
finally a good happy post!! :D