Sunday, May 16, 2010


I want two pairs of nice sandals
I want clutchers
I want an ipod
I want somebody who is ok with my emotions and loves me madly
I want a gulab jaman
I want to run very fast on an empty wet road
I want to quit everything and lie in my bed forever
I want to runaway even if everyone thinks I am a coward


Anonymous said...

If you get the fourth point then you shall be getting most of your wish list. These days it is not easy but hope you get one, who is sincere and love you as you are.

-T said...

Beautiful posttt! Intense, raw and truthful.

Aina said...

i repeat again, u need to work for only the fourth thing!! he'll get you everything :D

Anonymous said...

Go out & get them all?
Good luck.

lizzie said...

ab 4th wala kese pura ho? :P kahan se laon mein :P

Aina said...

pray for it? =p

Ubaid said...

Find a guy who loves you truly madly deeply... baki sab kuch automatically pura ho jaye ga ya phir you'll lose the faith of asking such things =D

DuFFeR - ڈفر said...

ہتھ تھوڑا ہولا رکھو جی
اے نسن آلی گل
کچھ ٹھیک نئیں

Nikki. said...

I want a gulab jamun too =/ *sigh*