Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Its hard to take it! I know I cant change the present I cant change my past I am losing my future and here I stand staring in the emptiness
I know I cant be normal and I have stopped trying for it
You never stop hurting me and I never stop expecting something good from this life which definitely never comes.....
I am down to the bottom and I am not going to get up anymore
Fuck this life
fuck the words you say to make my world crumble to pieces
Now you hav also said that you will soon leave
fine go!
who else has stayed with me that I should expect you to stay?
If I am alone I am fine with it
I love you and you also love me and it isnt your fault too....its hard for you to take it
I just wish someday someone just thinks about me what I want .....wishes dont cum true!!!!!!!
just too angry and too hurt to say anything


An ILLuS|On said...

Yeah its hard to change yourself when you're down & out..its also hard to change yourself when especially you don't want to change yourself..what makes ya say that you can't be normal?why have you given up trying for it?
The fight goes on as you're alive & let the fight go on unless & until you win..
Do not blame this precious life of yours as it has nothing to do with anything as such..i don't find any harm in being alone neither should anyone else but one musn't die for anyone who isn't worthy enough!
I am also angry but i won't say anything else as i leave upto you to understand..adious!

silent screams said...

*jhapian tay papian*
i cn totally understand the state of being helpless...and wen everythng gets toounbearable

@ illusions:u dnt rly know liz yar...as aperson,shes really positive and stronger than all of us!...its jst that the anger needs to be taken out somewhere!...its through writing we get our escape :)