Thursday, March 29, 2007

random ramblings...

And sometimes everything seems so dark that you are unable to see the hand coming to hold you and raise you up.

you need not to be truthful to love someone ....sometimes just small lies can be the best while at other times these small lies can be as deadly as poison.The point is that these are our attempts to save the person we love from the arsenic our truths hold.....but dont you think sometimes its difficult to understand either lies are more dangerous or the truth will break someone into million little pieces...

reh gaya hai haath mein kia
kuch toote hue khawab
aik bujhi si arzoo
chand bemaiyni sochein
unginaat sawal
aur bus meri udaasi....

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silent screams said...

is this in refernce to me choorie?????
khyr as much as i hate to say this,truth sometime hurts more than lies :S