Wednesday, March 21, 2007

leave plz!

I want to shut all the doors and windows of this world over me

No hurting words would ever come inside and I would be just peaceful with the pain I already have in me.
ANYONE not ready to listen to my depressing stuff can easily go and dont come back.
You never realise how you can never stop hurting me
maybe its in your habits now
God why do I have to hear all those such words?
I try my best to do what you like
but never GOOD ENUF!
fine I wont try to do anything from now on
I dont have the energy and I dont wana give it a try anymore
I learn to live without things which once meant so much for me but they werent meant to be mine....
aina maybe you will think I am overreacting or something like that
but this is me!

1 comment:

silent screams said...

no u r not over reacting...
i know EXACTLY wat u feel
but i still hope u wudnt give two shits abt it :P
aisay hii kaam chalay ga!