Wednesday, March 21, 2007

this post goes to jugi!

she is the sweetest person you will ever cum across :)

n yara the more people hurt me the more I am in love with you

you make me feel strong and good enough to survive through it

luv you



silent screams said...

yea jugi is very sweet :D
i wonder y she dsnt get angry at me even though i annoy her a lot...
and dnt say tat i dnt coz i kno i do :P
love u jugi :)

jugi said...

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D
i swear i cant stop grinning!!!!!!!! my brother thinks im crazy...grinning like that while looking at the computer screen!!!!!!!=D =D =D
loveeeeeeeeeeee u lizzie=D =D
and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee u aina =D =D
and aina u DONT annoy me!!

lasmit said...

Yes Yes

Ye jo chaval se moti khotee hai na.....

kya naam hai uska???

haaaaaan JUGI

yeh hai hee aysi....
pata nahi kyun....badaltee hee nahi hai....
mera matlab hai theek hai banda itnay arsay se janta hai isko...change ho jai thora sa.....par NAHI....inhon ne to vada kiya hua hai...k yeh to rahayn gee....AYSI HEE