Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Come to me, and I'll show you a world
With purple skies and amber rain;

A world with us and no one else,
No tears, no sorrow, no pain.

A world where you will be the moon,
And the sun that lights my sky;

A world where the winds will sing to us,
When in the evening we shall sip chai.

A world where you and I will dance,
And sing to each other, songs of love;

A world in which I'll feed you cake,
And oranges too, there'll be plenty of.

A world where you will smile, and I
Will hold that moment forever;

A world where we shall stop time,
And yet, grow old togethor.

A world with fancy mirrors in our bedroom,
And a castle oh-so-grand;

A world where there will be dark alleys,
Where you'd ask me to hold your hand.

So come to me, and I'll show you a world
With purple skies and amber rain;

A world where I will love you forever,
And give you no sorrow and no pain


Timsal said...

Im in AWE right now!
that was SOMETHING!:D
simply beautiful.......
Its really really encouraging...
and I wonder if people feel like that wen they are in love
LOVED everypart of it!
especiallyt that amber rain and purple skies walla.....


Timsal said...

That was really GREAT!
i mean WOW
how soulful and beautiful
I bet aima wud love it:P
and its nice to know that this type of positive energy exists in this world!
Bravo to the one who rote this!

I loved each part....
Purple sky and amber rain walla!


silent screams said...

it was my post churay!!!
dou comments kar diye!
khyr thnku lizzzziiiiiieeeeeee :D
lllooooovvvvveeeee youuuuuuuu!!!
and yai hats off to pavel...tats a rly gr8 poem :)
i love u...
u love me...
we are a BIG happy family...
i dnt kno wat i wud do without ya...
i think i wud be dead by now :P