Thursday, July 26, 2007


And these are the days
i open my eyes from sleep and first thought is "Shit another day like yesterday!"
and these are the days
when I wish I wasnt me
when I long to be strong
when I want to belong somewhere else....

and days
when every slightest thing makes me sad
every other song I hear bring back so many memories and I long for good times
and every memory is like a piece of shrad cutting me into pieces
and days when I am afraid
and when I dont want to move on....and when I want you to stay here forever....


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

very beautifully written...
so many emotions.

Why did you change your template... i like the Grey one better :)

Lunatic.... said...

yar illusion dint like my grey template much
and my other friends wanted me to change it too cuz I had this template for quite a long time
so I thought 2 switch to something much I want my life to be..:)

silent screams said...

but yara in a way...tat "person" (:P) is gng to be with u forevr...and u kno how?...dekho u shared time together tat no one can take away from you...and its not like u guys r gng to stop talking....
and i told u before ARE strong...:)
and then again, even if u think u rnt, then ask ur other half :)
coz together u guys can do anythng...ANYTHING!!!
so all settled
love u kiddo
never loose hope :)
life is beautiful...u just ve to "not" give ur prolems too much time...:)

lasmit said...

Either Silent screams dint get the post...or its she faking really well......lolz:P

kher how u rite!
that was really nice!
nd yess i hope life was better for u!
I wish the old times cud come back!
I wish i cud giv u the damn happines u deserve!!
Kher love u bacha!