Thursday, July 26, 2007

screw it!


read it somewhere

life is unfair get used to it..

I wish getting "used to" was that easy....all my life I had been trying to get "used to"
But it seems like the most difficult doesnt matter if anybody agrees with me or not
but life is unfair...


broken.. said...

well ur is unfair..!!!
but just think that if it would have being fair then was would be the purpose of life my friend...!!!!
when life is unfair then atleats we have a purpose and that is to make it fair..!!!
u have to make ur life perfect..u dont get it perfect...!!!
and dnt get used to this unfair life...make it fair...cos there is alot to come dear..!!!
life is like roller coaster ride...
it has ups and downs..its scary to some ppl but once u r over..u realize that it was after all..!!!!
be happy.... :)!!!!

broken.. said...

i cudnt finish the last sentene..i wanted to write that once u are over it...u realize that it was fun after all...!!!
Be happy...!!!!

Lunatic.... said...

may I kno who is this?
n i do agree with you
but you kno 'those' moments wen u feel everything is dark
so its just the product of that moment :p
m ok now:)
n "happy" as you hav forced me to b in both of ur coments hehe!

broken.. said...

i was just going through other people's i found urs and i read ur post so thought of commenting on it..
and glad to see that ur ok now.. :)
every moment of the life is precious and we have to enjoy all these moments..
and i wont write anything like this anymore cos u may get irritated by this now...!!

silent screams said...

yes life is unfair...
and yes we have to get used to it as well...
but i tats life, and aceepting it like that is best to do coz not doing so is just making living difficult for u....
and waisay bhi, it hurts at first but then it becomes ok...u kno u "get used to it"

zazafeefus said...

life is unfair, but i think that everything we get, we either deserve it or its something that makes us into a much more stronger person :) x

lasmit said...

I finally got the chance to use net...par yess i was insulted and taunted alot for this but had to come any way.....
kher love the tempi! it suits u alot
i mean the coilur and the customizability:P
bohat alaa hai yara!
and as for the post.....i think ur rite......its virtually impossible to get USED to.....getting USED too...:P
par listen if got USED to EVERYTHING....then wudnt life die out?.i mean then nothing wud be tuff......happy......or sad.....or exciting....i personally belive that is so... seriously i dont think life is made to get USED to...
dont know if u understand!
kher hugs! and LOVE YA:D:D