Thursday, September 13, 2007

days spin..


manzil ke kareeb pohnch kar rasta bhool jana
apne hi pao ke nishano mein ulajh jana

zindagi hai aik musalsal azaab
kuch din ansoo bahana kuch din sabr krna

Well words dont really convey the intensity of emotions
and I am hollow inside
I stare at her words
there is nothing which can be done
welcome to reality here the pain continues.....and just continues...days spin...reality begins
tears fall
holding on lets me down
floating in time...
days spin..

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silent screams said...

han tou my first comment wasn't well recieved judging from the fact that it aint here..
so i won't write wat was in the first comment but i will do let ppl know that she rejected my comment!


i like the urdu poetry and again its very true in its meaning

and yup...the days flow by...
sm r better, sm r not...
coz in sm we have the others we don't

but God gives us as much as we can bear...and that defines our strength...