Thursday, September 6, 2007

slight tingling

meri rahaton ka pata tum
mere aaebo ko jou dhak de woh pak si rida tum

Meri samjh mein khushion aur gham ka hisaab kabhi nahi hai
khushian ajeeb hoti hai...hamesha qiston mein milti hai na ke ghum ki tarah jou aik hi bar jama hou kr soud ke sath humein mil jata hai...
khushian aesi hain jese kisi sahara mein chand boondain barish ki
aese jese kisi tareek raat mein tesri ke chand ki halki halki roshni
aese jese chilchilati dhoop mein halki si thandi narmahat
khushian ajeeb hoti hai
apne sath aur apne peeche aik kasak chor jati hai

A slight tingling
small pauses in talks of knowing the reality
those dots....
true smiles but holding shades of longing
peace setting in yet not completely

I have got everything still i yearn for you....thats real life...but I am happy :)


silent screams said...

yara u wrote all this!!!!
im in awe!!!!!!!
I ve no other word but this!
kitna sochti ho!!!!

and u said it wasn't sad
for me it was
and u put everything so nicely!!!
im ur die hard fan!!!!!!!
lizzie shair ban gai!!!!

i love the post!!
its SO true!!!
SO SO ture....

and as for the later part...
yea the yearning remains...
its the best we cn get out of the situation...


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

this is beautiful :)

I can so relate to this :)

Hate said...

Aina ZYADA pagal nahi hogai???
kher gug yaar extremely nicely!!!!
and very true
and u have a power of riting stuff in urdu that really clings to the soul!

zazafeefus said...

i can relate to this toooooooo :) waah raay! & gud to see you posting again!

Anonymous said...

You wrote all that in urdu??

Anonymous said...

Khair now i've believed that it is infact being written by you..well done yara..bravo(Y)

Komal said...

really, i cant even dream of writing this well. very mushkil urdu:p

now wat does aaebo mean? and rida?
and i remember the meaning of kasak u told me...longing right?

kher, jitni mjhe samajh ayi hai (:p) uss per comment kerti hun. u write beautifully. and very true too. i seriously need to make my urdu vocab better!