Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I cant look back into the past as the horrifying times are choking and the good memories bring yearning.I cant look into the future because there is nothing much to hold onto and reality bites me everytime I want to look forward to something so right now I am stuck in my greypresent.Ever used colours to describe your days? my days are grey..with a tinge of green.Its weird to describe...I am floating..I am floating in time just moving with everyday
And for all the optimistic people out the I know future might have something good but for time being I am stuck..I choke on my every thought,its maddening in my head I cant seem to find any way out.I dont have anything to wait for,I am not anticipating anything,I am not excited about anything to happen...
How the hell do you describe it!!??? I am not getting satisfied with what I am writing it isnt clearly telling what I am feeling..ugh how do you say it
maybe you call it hollowness of time :S
or emptiness of your emotions :S
I dont know I am very much confused and in attempt to stop all the thoughts for future and about past I am afraid I might not be able to feel anything..nah I am a big sensitive freak I would definetely feel thats the only thing I am good at...feeling things to their extreme and then getting scared of the emotional scars...
well I should just end this pointless post
my bio test tomorrow
me all prepared
I wish I could just learn the eqautions and facts of life this easily too and then be at peace by applying them
I wish life was a little more easier..patience and compromises are really two nerve-testing things!
I feel tired now
emotionally and physically
its full moon tonite..
I am so random....blah blah
Ya Allah kia bane ga mera :P
you ppl are allowed to doubt my mental condition by this post :P lols
take care everybody
I will switch off my body now(will sleep)
2-phosphoglycerate is converted to phosphophenol pyruvate with a release of one water molecule.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz......


silent screams said...

liz, jou comment meri post pai chora hai na, wohi apnai liye socho...
and u r kinda describing what im feeling
told u i don't have words..
and i really can't xplain
great im welling up again!
damn it, im in my college lab! fazul tears!!!

i dnt kno wt else to write
i believe in u too
love u

disillusioned darkling said...


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

sometimes it is really tough to put your feelings into emotions. I have had those moments.

Anonymous said...

Good one. Take care and dont let yourself get weak, GOD will set eevrything right :)

zazafeefi said...

haha no one is gna doubt ur mental condition larki, n mashallah ur pretty intelligent :) but gudluck with the test im sure ul Ace it..

imperfect said...

it happens.. just a phase...

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note i have always liked inorganic chemistry incompared with organic one coz the former one sounds so practical:)
PS: I don't have any doubt over your mental state & you better take care of yourself..silent screams do something about her ok?

zazafeefi said...

'I feel tired now
emotionally and physically
its full moon tonite..'

THATS IT :D blame it on the moon! lol! where are youuuuuuuuuuuuu? update already!