Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am breaking into you...

And I feel the pain behind your words
You might have been choosing them in a way not to hurt
and you beautifully hide behind your facade
I know it has been learnt over the years
but I see the cracks in it..
I know I am breaking into you
You do continue with your regular talks
and all those little ways of telling how your days have been
but behind it
there are uncertainities
millions of black insecurities
bleak subtle emotions to be taken care of
darkness of fears
but I am breaking through into it
I promise to shine light there
and pull out the real you..


silent screams said...


let me hold myself together...

*atfer a long pause*

tat ws sooo touching...!
see u r the best!!
u see so closely
i never knew! do u?..why..?

gandi rula kai khudi namaz parhnai chali gai!!

Ashu said...

Tat was so touchy!!!

A. Joe said...

when you love someone truly and deeply, thats how you feel. :)

I'm ok. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope its all good at your end too. :)