Saturday, September 22, 2007

tag time

ok now I have been tagged by illusion

Three wishes of lifetime

*mujhe roza lag raha hai and my head is spinning so this post might not turn out very gud..pardon me for that :P*

1.I want to grow up into someone who is helping people and working for causes practically,not just supporting em but helping out by being a part of volunteers.I want to help people in all ways I can and their smiles will be my pay tats all I want in return...I dont want to end my life like any other normal domestic girl but I want to do something purposeful in my life for people and not just continue existing...

2.With my art and sketching I want to potray real intense human emotions of pain and distress and then I want people to relate to my work and then feel connected to they are not the only one going through pain my art has to be a prove that we all go through tough times and we are not alone.

3.Your mesmerizing smile I want to see it all my life.I wait for the day when you come to me all exicted with happiness shinning in your eyes and glow of joy on your face telling me "lizzie everything turned out to be fine at the end..I got my redemption and now I am happy truly happy forever and ever...I am a successful survivor:)"

I tag everyone reading it and having time and enough energy to think about their wishes not loosers like me who take so long to come up with just three wishes! :P



Ashu said...

Loved your blog :)

silent screams said...

tat makes me a bigger looser!
coz i stil cant think of any!!!


and mujhe ananoymus kyun bananay ka shok hai ?:P
lol just kidding
i will be a survivoR..infact stil am :) so ur wish will definitely come true!!!
and yes u will help! if u rly wana do it, Allah will find u a way...inshAllah..infact u r alrdy on the road of helping ppl..isnt tat wat u plan to do by becoming a doctor? haina? so this wish will also come true!!!
and as for skecthes...will u wana do it on a grand scale.....hmmm lets see wat happens to that...but i truly believe tat if given the chance, you will be a successful artist!!!
and i know it aint related to post
but we won!!!!!!
im watching a match ATFER a long time!! and we won!!!!!!!!
ballay ballay!!
lovee u!!!!!

An ILLuS|On said...

Well done lizzie(Y)
I like your first wish in particular..good hai yara:)
Now i definitely have something to talk about when next you'd be coming online;)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

awww.. the last wish is so cute.. I know i would wish the same thing. :)
Cool post.