Saturday, December 8, 2007

it isnt like we dont really want it..its like we are afraid of the denial..we are scared of giving our best and not getting it in the end

and there are times when its utter silence and you still NEED to scream out loud and say "shut up and fucking listen to me"

and when everything starts to fade just hope not to let go of the things that have always kept you hanging on

I'm gonna make it bend and break.
Say a prayer, but let the good times roll,
In case God doesn't show.
Looking forward to the future,
But my eyesight is going bad.
And this crystal ball, It's always cloudy,
Except for when you look into the past-Fall out boy

I really dont want to know the reasons anymore..I dont want to think how to make it right and try to ignore..sometimes we just need to feel things just to get over them..
It feels like a needle flowing through your veins making you ache and end the helpless feeling

dard itna na hou ke hadd se bahr jae
itna hou ke jiska madawa kia ja sake

and i dont have words to tell how much I want to mend the tragedy
I wana do for you as much as I understand the pain you feel inside

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silent screams said...

hmmm yea tat's right, sometimes we just dont wana give it our best so we dont get disappointed in the end..but i guess try tou karna hota hai..haina?

and when everything starts to fade, we SHOULD hang on to whatever we have been hanging on before, coz i don't think we really have a choice there..haina?

and yes we all wana make things right..but sometimes ignoring tat perspective and just letting urself feel what u feel is good?.. :S

as for the ache, well..
when u love someone this much, u feel whatever they go through..
but u shud feel lucky..coz u understand it all and just understanding alone is a great help, believe me! coz the other things that happen, you can't possibly control them haina?
so whatever you are doing right now, tat's more than enough!