Tuesday, December 11, 2007

xams :@

tomorrow is my chem paper and I am sitting here making a post :P
well its fun doing such stuff na before exam one feels normal :P
I am lil frustrated right now of all the chem swirling around in my head Even in my dreams I am doing chem practicals and when I wake up in morning I remember the readings and colours of the chemicals hehe
I dont know why sodium always feels blue to me and potassium purple chalo potassium has its logic as KMnO4 is purple but why sodium is blue?:s
well u can see kia halat hai meri
ama thinks I am soon going to be proven insane
abu thinks well nothing he doesnt think anything about it
aur kia I am scared too well tats not something new..not cuz of studies just cz of few other stuff
isse yaad aya kal amplifiers parhne hai which btw scare me alot I really dont want to give a damn if the voltage starts dancing or doing party after passing thru an amplifier shit...arrgh stupid phy :@
aur kia its been raining almost all day aaj and its really really cold *for me* :p as ama says "jahanum ki basi sardi mein teri jaan nikal rahi hoti hai"she ridicules me alot for this :$
aur kia hmmmm i am getting sleepy ab i shud go sleep now kal uthna hai phir 5 30 to revise stuff :'(

*God plz stop this heart racing*


silent screams said...

bandi u have got me so worried, i had a dream about it all:P, your chem xam tat is

khyr u WONT go insane:P because...you just wont!
and again loads of good luck!!!
u will do GREAT as always!! :)
and love u :)


and sodium is blue?! i didn't know tha...seriously :$ isn't it pink? :S

) (ate said...

@ Lizz!
LOL!!!!!!! HAAAHAHAHAH! i cant stop laughing at this post...i think u shd do more posts like these....i think WE ALL should do more open and clear posts like these!!!
Aur lol u are a mess with the kem! but thats wat kem does to ur head! :P
and it is sooooooo much better than phy.....atleast uptill alevel...NOT FSC!!!!
aur i always had a yellow for sodium in my head....and i think that is cuz of the flame colour it yields.....correct me if im rong! :P which i mite be! :P
and NO AINA!!! its not PINK! :P
dats copper....in the solid state:P
lol....sorry for this kem lessen:P
and haan potassium has always been purple! :P
aur its very typical for people to freak out before exams...par mujhay samjh nahi aati...WHY U!!!!!! U nerd ! :P
and i liked the rain! i think my song shouted that out clearly rite??!:P
aur haan multan mein NEMAT hai barish!:P
i love the cold! :D
and gadhee i told u to tell me how the paper goes....par majaal hai jou khudsey karlo msg!

An ILLuS|On said...

KMnO4 is potassium nitrate right?
awein asking..testing my long term memory..boy i was in love with these di-oxides & nitrates:$ *memories*

) (ate said...

its potassium permanganate!

just wanted to see how my display pic looks :P

Pri said...

uhoh...eggjam tension eh?? :p
best of luck!!
take care...