Wednesday, January 23, 2008

and one day you are going to be sorry for it
but I am also sure of one thing that the sorry will be for your own self you will never realise what you did to me...
victimise me
hurt me
bruise me
break me
bend me
tear me apart
but inspite of this all you cannot turn me into what you are
you can't even possibly reach to my soul


silent screams said...

ah alla post hai yar!!!!
and i justify everything!!!
hugs my lil's gona be okay
love u loads!
and phir i told you na, me here in all roles :D
and it's sad that they can't see it when they should be the one knowing all this more than anyone else...but happens..or should i say shit happens :P
sahe ho jai ga sab..

) (ate said...

Me touched!
this post is raw....
to the point
and yet sooo deep.

sometimes I wonder wat wud happen if the people responsible for this "shit" stumbled upon these type of post of ours...
would they realize it was for them?
would they feel the guilt then?

Kher bacha I totally feel ya....
I just hope it gets better....and less tuffer....
u stay strong...

Pri said...

a nice poem...strong yet equally emotional...

keep the faith!
in this world, everybody is a survivor :)