Friday, January 18, 2008


there has been times when you have felt weak

and days when you thought you are nothing but a failure

accusing yourself for every other bad thing you can think of

feeling like you were never good enough and falling apart completely

but give me the chance to tell you about an angel in you

always perfect and always justified

mesmerizing in your own ways

making me wonder and just wonder what did I do to deserve you

for me you are my saviour my only saviour

thanking God always for your presence

praying to share my every second of life with you

and I am here to stitch all your wounds

giving you the promise I will never give up :)


may we get old together when you loose your bateesi and we are celebrating your silver golden jubilees I am around you always and you bandi loads and loads of prayers and best wishes!! =) =)




silent screams said...

aWWWwwwwWWWwww bandi!!!
u not gona leave me on my bday too haina? rula kai chorna hai???
loved the post :D
and yes lets c what happend wen i see my gifts :P
and tats a post before time coz i know u can't let anyone wish me before u :P
meri posessive masi!
loads of hugs and kisies!!!
love u !!!!
u the BESTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Pri said...

here's wishing that someone a very happy birthday from all of us too :)

take care!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

aww... that is such a sweet post!
the "bateesi" really made me laugh :-)

) (ate said...

I swear im in tears!!!
Especially cuz of the last part of this post....the growing old together thing is sooo sweet :)

MashALLAH u both are really close to each other and I hope and pray that u arent jinxed....nazar na lagay kissi ki!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY yara :)
U kno i love u a lot :)