Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I think now my blog need an update:P
muharram might be starting from tomorrow or day after tomorrow and I will get extra busy because of the studies and majlis wagera tou its best to write something today when I am kinda free,still have got lots of notes piled up and lots of readings to do together with a tough week all crammed up with tests and more studying!
So today as every day we did all the madness at school and people will surely be doubting our mental condition:P

from giving juice to the flowers,running after each other and hiding bags,taking stupid pics while climbing up on window sheds and doing cyling on bikes of our juniors,laughing our assoff and stealing french fries from canteen and being called by the canteen wale uncle "baki log tou qabr mein jaein ge tum gutter mein jao gi"(xaineb being entitled to this:p) to scribbling during the lectures and poking each other school seems to be fun nowadays.
Thats just cuz while I dont really take part in the "activities" of my friends I just enjoy all their bongis and dont feel bad for myself and my life which kind of lack loads of stuff
Maybe I am now tired of feeling pity for myself..let the things be as they are
I cant control anything what goes around...and surely there is no other way to adjust then to accept things as they are instead of having pity and thinking how it could have been..
yes its true I get restless
I lose my temper
I get sad
but at the end of the day nothing really helps in coping up with stuff
I have always believed "let the emotions flow"
but nowadays that seems more nerve-breaking to its just better to keep your mouth shut ignore the stuff,stay busy and move along with the life
I no more want to complain that I am floating cuz from now I realise that for quite a long time I would be doing the same so why make it so bothersome for myself.
thats it i guess..


silent screams said...

what are u trying to say exactly...?
while i agree we should accept things that are not in our control but what do u mean by not telling what you feeling..??????
and kido we should NEVER pity ourselves!!!!!
this is what we are, and we are like this for a reason...thats just how life shaped let it be...we will deal with everything our own way !
why luk at ppl and see how they do it?
we dont need to...coz no one is alike..

Shine87 said...

I guess all i wanted to say has already been said by silent screams but i would just adivse you to never loose hope for better times! :)

An ILLuS|On said...

If you won't be saying whatever it is in your mind then how the emotions are going to keep on flowing??
Listen to kewl tracks,keep on drawing those wonderful sketches,take pictures,offer prayers & study well (apart from blogging/facebooking/orkutting/chatting & all other ING's lol)
The more you'd encapsulate yourself into isolation the worse it would be lizzie & you know that very well..kidhar hai yaar ye silent screams..kuch karo yaar iss ka!!

Isbri said...

pity for yourself - i can relate with that.

easy to do,'d be beautiful if we could just think about the situation and maybe sigh.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

good to read and update of your life :)
I totally believe in the "let the emotions flow" theory! totally my way of doing things!


Tehreem said...

Love the new look of your blog :)
Been away and kinda busy these days...but Im back here now..

having blue days, huh? *hugs* Tell you what, in the end things always turn out fine...its natural to feel sad but dont bottle it all up. Let it out, sharing does wonders. *smile*

) (ate said...

Hey Lizzu!!!!!!! :D
Yaar i loved reading this post....although I alone know how i found this time alone to actually open ur blog!
Its nice to see u having "fun" in skwl! and its these days ull remember later...well atleast after the days WE spent...last year!
Aur u know wat? I totally agree abt wat ur saying...keeping our mouth shut...and aceepting things cant be changed....cuz most truthfully....they cant be...atleast not by US....tou bharr mein gai maslay....matlab...kurrnay ka kya faida!
in other news...I hope u have a gud ashura...and Muha'ram....I miss u I miss most of my friends....wapsi aint confirmed loads to tell ya! I got converse shoes for one :D hehe...Aina knows a bit of the details...kher aur...bus Iv had enuff of karachi...although this place is pretty gud....baki i miss blogging cuz i cant blog here!! no privacy!!
kher u take care!!!
loads of love!

aur HAAAN!!!!!!
aik baat........
N E R D N E R D N E R D!!!!!!!!!!!! :P:P

a.joe said...

hey, your blog looks really nice, I just dropped by after a long while.
I sorta agree with some of your comments. Like aina said, we NEVER pity oursleves, its like the law of NATURE or smth (look who is talking :P) and I agree with Raaji about letting your emotions run free. When you get good at it, you'd realize sometimes its the best escape of them all :)
Whats the plan for college? You gotta out of JH sometime, you know...where you applying?
Peace V

Lunatic.... said...

@ silent screams
kafi dant par gai thi mujhe aap se so I cant even think of stoping my emotions to flow :P hehe
@ shine87
yup its only the hope making us move in life! :) thnx for comenting:)
@ illusion
lols!! okay I am gna avoid all the ings and ji silent scream madam is right here :)
@ isbri
complaining has always been easy thnx for commenting :)
@ raaji
and its the best way!!
@ hate
miss u too yara and this isnt the right theory wase to keep our mouth shut and mubarik ho ur converse shoes :P n chure stop calling me nerd :P

An ILLuS|On said...

I never said that you should get RID of all these ING's..infact i asked you to get involved in all these ING activities..hehe:)