Saturday, April 19, 2008

JH gives back :D

I am shodi maring:P
but what the heck i got a medal I am happy :P
ps: timsal i have learned shodian from you :P


silent screams said...

wah wah! u have evry right to shodi mar!!!

Proud of you!!! :D :D :D

liz got a medal liz got a medal
yaaaaaaayyy!!1 =D

u deserve every bit of it!
muahs and hugs!

Anonymous said...

soooooooooo happy for u!
and HELL YEA! u deserve this more than anyone girly!!!1

and U little manhusni! :P
meri gandi karrahi thee! :P
kher maro maro shodiyaan :P
lifes too short to worry abt the crap! :D :D

GO lizzi! its ur bday!
Go lizzi! :D
*dancing with aina!*

oye milla kis baat pe?
Academic Excellance missure?

Servidores said...

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A. Joe said...

Congratulations :)
yeah, what did u get it for? I was at JH for TWO years, they never gave me anything :(

Lunatic.... said...

thanks a lot evrybody
@ a.joe lol i got it for my straight As in olevels!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Congrats! :-)

Anonymous said...

You've won a GOLD medal!
A frigging shining GOLD medal!
Where was i earlier on?
*tries to contain himself*
Mubarik ho yara..congratulations deserve it & yes you've every right to brag about it as well..mubarkaan *hugs*
I am happy for you..sach mein:S
Now can i have the medal please?

Sutta said...

Whats "shodi maar"? :-/

Lunatic.... said...

lol it means showing off braging about something!

zazafeefi said...

wowie yaar :] congrats!

Rockstar said...