Thursday, April 17, 2008

I want to disappear
bleed bitch bleed!


) (ate said...

MADAM GEE?!!!!!!
yeh kya bakwas hai!??!?!!
ur disappearing will shatter the lives of those u love! Including me! So im not letting u go anywhere janu!
I LOVE U ALOT!!! Kabhi mat bhulna!!!

silent screams said...

khoti churi kutani fazul aurat!

Allah poochay ga tumse!! :@
u want to disappear? let me come and kill you :P

fazuuuull insaan!!

memories erased get that?? dont want to hear this bakwas anymore!!!

zazafeefi said...

someone once said to me
'i hope you cut yourself and die bleeding' aaaaaaaaah ouch oh the pain lol