Saturday, May 17, 2008


MY diana died today leaving her three young kids to me
I am going to miss her alot...she loved me so much..:(


silent screams said...

aww misho rani...
bichari was in so much pain..
may God rest her soul in peace..


) (ate said...

kon margaya?
misty? :S
yeh diana kon hai?
waisay sorry to hear it yar!
u take care of her kids, grow them and make em cool cats!
their mom will be proud of u :)

Asma said...

Aww ... I Instinctively said .. Inna lillah :\

She was lovely ... and the kids even more ..!

May you have her in Heavens back ..!

Rockstar said...


M Junaid Khan said...

Really sorry to know about Diana! Her kitties are really cute and i hope to get hold of one of them :P
Was just passing by and since i like cats so thought to record my condolences in the Diana condolence book